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Midtown Phu My Hung is the most luxury resident complex in District 7 at the present. With high quality construction and 5-star facilities, Midtown Phu My Hung can meet all your most difficult requirements for a perfet home. To buy apartment in Midtown Phu My Hung, please check our listing in the details below:

Midtown M5 - The Grade for sale

Midtown M6 - The Symphony for sale

Midtown M7 - The Signature for sale

Midtown M8 - The Peak for sale


Listing of apartments for sale in Midtown
Midtown M8 - The Peak
Midtown M7 - The Signature
Midtown M6 - The Symphony
Midtown M5 - The Grande

The structure of Midtown Phu My Hung Complex has the entire ground floor and 2nd floor of the buildings are commercial blocks that develop culinary, shopping, entertainment services... with the orientation of attracting top brands. world of F&B, fashion... to bring outstanding conveniences to residents, as well as contribute to shaping the stature of a busy complex. From the 3rd floor upwards are apartments and internal utilities of each project.

In Midtown Phu My Hung, residents not only have a community with an educated population and a high standard of living, but Phu My Hung is also a place that attracts a lot of foreign nationals who choose to live in Ho Chi Minh City. This can be considered an extremely expensive "asset" that this city has. Midtown Phu My Hung apartment is a place to bring a great living space, a place to invest for rental and resale with attractive profitability.

Midtown Phu My Hung was built on an area of ​​56,331m2, a complex of 4 phases (The Grande, The Symphony, The Signature and The Peak) with different designs, each building owns a chain of international standard utilities exclusively for owners: swimming pool, sauna area, massage, gym, multi-function room, children's library... Especially, underneath each building, a system of high-class food and service shops is integrated, fully meeting the needs of residents. The most impressive highlight in Midtown Phu My Hung is the the Sakura Park  offering all residents a peaceful and quiet setting and many community spaces suitable for all ages such as a children's play area, a quiet park for people who love to read, and fresh grass hills for people to enjoy. family picnics.

Apartment for sale in Midtown Phu My Hung attracts many home buyers. With a variety of apartment types, you can easily find yourself an ideal apartment from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. Average selling price at Midtown Phu My Hung is from 55 - 80 million VND/sqm, Midtown Phu My Hung apartment is not only the perfect place to live but also a highly profitable project in the future.

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