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Midtown is the most luxurious development in the south of HCM City in the recent years. For the first time Phu My Hung has collaborated with other leading Asian property developers, and the result is an architectural masterpiece.

Listing of apartments for rent in Midtown M5 - The Grande
Midtown M5 - The Grande
Sắp xếp

Midtown is a small city with F&B stores, commercial, offices, shops, and supermarkets which will be in the ground and second floors. Besides, the developers have used a large land lot to develop Sakura Park, which is inspired by parks with sakura flower in Japan. Two lines of Sakura trees will be planted along a 600m walking road. A playground for children and a sports centre will also be built. Many amenities will be built in both Vietnamese and Japanese styles — like a Sakura fountain, floating pavilion and a sculpture garden, etc.

The highlight of Midtown complex is the Sakura Park. The majority of the trees here are Singaporean Cherry Blossoms that produce pink flowers similar to Japan’s cherry blossoms, but suitable for Vietnam’s warm weather in the south. Additionally, there are many other types of trees including saman, tropical almond and willows that ensure the park will always be colorful and vibrant.

The developers hope the Sakura Park will become another landmark, not only for Phu My Hung Midtown complex or Phu My Hung, but also for HCMC as a whole, like the Crescent Lake and Starlight Bridge.

There are 4 phases of Midtown project: 

Midtown M5 - The Grande: 309 apartments 

Midtown M6 - The Symphony: 319 apartments

Midtown M7 - The Signature: 516 apartments

Midtown M8 - The Peak: 981 apartments

There are total 2.125 apartments

Midtown's facilities: swimming pool (6 swimming pools), 6 gym centers, BBQ, garden, car parking, children playground, golf practice, sauna rooms, massage room,... All faclities are high standard.

Pet-friendly complex

Video introduces Midtown Phu My Hung



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